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About the Slave Role Generator

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I'm Evil Dolly and I write a lot of kinky and fetishistic stories. You know... romance. Around 2010 I had a notion of making a sort of game where these unfortunate slaves of this fictitious mansion were forced to take on roles that were randomly assigned to them. The resulting role might be something relatively innocuous, or it might be entirely dreadful altogether... and it would all be decided by chance. It'd be an arbitrary way of going about it, but that's what makes it amusing.

It started out as a page on my evil-dolly.com site, and all it provided were the random roles without any accompanying text. Although the results were entertaining, I felt there was more that could be said. I wanted to add a short little blurb, a description, of the resulting role presented from the point of view of the Headmistress of the place. The project snowballed and I found myself faced with the prospect of writing a description for each of the hundreds of possible combinations. Rather daunting, when you think about it. But it was my own idea and my determination for completing ridiculous projects I set myself to knows few bounds. So, about six months after it was just an inkling, the role generator was complete.

I really tried not to censor myself much while writing these blurbs... some of them are unsettling, or disturbing, or downright disgusting. But it’s mostly meant to be a kinky comedy, you see, and not to be taken seriously. I oppose non-consent in all its forms. It was mainly a mental exercise in creativity by finding workable combinations for all the possibilities.

Of course, not every single blurb is entirely unique. That would be madness! And it would also unnecessary. After all, I wouldn’t want to rewrite the same paragraph describing a Chambermaid’s duties, over and over, thirty times. But each blurb is personalized, even if some are differentiated from the others only by a change of uniform. Occasionally I'll add a new style or role. At last count, there were about 1200 possible combinations. Since then I've spruced it up and made it into its own site, which is what you're seeing now.

A feminine hand with pastel, color-shifting fingernails in a manacle and chain as if suspended from the top of the screen. Borders right side of window.
A feminine hand with pastel, color-shifting fingernails in a manacle and chain as if suspended from the top of the screen. Borders left side of window.

You awake, bound to a chair, in a dimly lit and heavily curtained room. Shadowed figures surround you. In front of you is a wooden table upon which sit two large fish bowls, each full of etched tiles. What has happened?

Oh, no!

Of all the bad luck. You've been abducted and brought to the Mansion of Broken Dolls, where you will be forced to serve as a slave. Well, there's nothing for it. There's no hope of escape.

All new slaves of the Mansion must be assigned a role before they can be trained to serve. The roles, however, are randomly assigned. It's sort of a game of chance, you see, and the stakes are your body and mind. Your fate now lies with the wooden tiles in those two bowls.

The first bowl will dictate your style -- the manner of outfits you wear or the kinds of things done to your body. The second will give you your role, or the manner of duties you will perform. What the tiles say, you must be.

No complaining! It's tradition. And you're in no position to buck tradition, are you? The Headmistress of the Mansion steps from the shadows to draw your tiles. It's time to learn what Fate has chosen for you...

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There, now, that's not too bad, is it? We hope you enjoy your assignment, because there's no backing out now. You'd better just get used to the idea. Now, off to orientation and training!

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